What is the application of computer in life?

What is the application of computer in life

What is the application of computer in life?

The application of computer in life is so broad because computer is an integral part of our daily life. Nowadays almost everybody uses computer and the internet and the computers are used by all schools, colleges, institutes and governments for daily diverse services.

Today, computers are used in all fields due to the development and growth of technology. In this article you are going to learn about more the application of computer.



Computer is used at every home for daily services such as watching movies, playing video games, shopping online , surfing on the social media, studying and working etc. Actually, the computers are designed to help the family members to enjoy the digital world.



One of the applications of computer in life is for starting, managing, and developing businesses. The Companies have used computers for their making strategies, communicating between employees, providing online customer support and selling online etc.

They used computers to record customer’s information and manage online giant E-commerce shops. Today, computers are totally integrated into business and people can analyse sales, markets, investments, expenses and other aspects of business simply by using computers.



Computers play a big role in education and It helps to set up an online class, writing and reading  E-books, online learning, online examinations, etc.



Computers has big impact on arts, we have used computers in making fictional arts and movies. The designers in all industries create and develop their innovative ideas easily by the help of computers.


Medical field

Computers are used in hospitals and the applications of computer in hospitals are like maintain a database of patient’s history and taking X-rays, diagnosis, etc.

Computers are used as robotic surgical devices to perform delicate operations, conduct surgeries remotely, virtual reality technologies are also used for training purposes which are other uses of computers in the field of medicine.



Computer is used for several tasks in different industries. The applications of computer in industry is like managing inventory, creating virtual sample products, video conferencing, designing purpose, online marketing interior designing, etc.



Nowadays, the application of computer in government sectors plays a main role to manage all database of the citizens, immigrants and all other information. Computers has made government and official services so easy and faster.



The other application of computer in entertainment is so obvious because by the use of computers, we create and play online video games, watch movies, listen to music, etc.



The application of computers in life is so broad and thanks to the technology and innovations!

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What is the application of computer in life?
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