The best and unique computer shop near me

the best and unique computer shop near me

The best and unique computer shop near me


Where is the best and unique computer shop near me? The best computer shop near you is the ILIPUTER- a brand new Dutch computer manufacturer.

In this article, you are going to be familiar with a brand new computer shop which is founded to design, develop and manufacture your demanded computers, so let’s start now.



ILIPUTER is a Dutch computer manufacturing company that is specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing computers in different models such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.



The company ILIPUTER has manufactured its first model and It is a 3-in-1 computer tablet that is a unique product in the international market due to its application and technical specifications. In fact, you can use the device as a tablet, laptop and smartphone, which makes the product so usable for diverse purposes.


the best and unique computer shop near me
This is ILIPUTER model KT33- A combination of Tablet, laptop and smartphone.


Technical Specifications

Screen Size: 10.36 Inches
Resolution: 2000*1200
Ram: 8GB
Storage: 128 GB
CPU: Octa Core 2.0 GHz
Front Camera: 5.0 MP
Rear Camera: 13.0 MP
OS: Android 13
Battery: 6000 mAh
Network: Wi-Fi + Sim Card 4G
Speaker: Two
Weight: 0.45 KG



If you are looking for a computer shop near your area, you can visit ILIPUTER online store to put your order and in the coming future, you will be able to buy your ILIPUTER from local computer retailers.

ILIPUTER is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing high quality and affordable computers to boost your happiness.


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