What is the role of memory in the computer?

What is the role of memory in the computer

What is the role of memory in The computer?

The role of memory in the computer is to save and store information and data which is a necessary and essential part of computer. Memory is one of the most important hardware parts in the computer systems. It usually records and stores information and date from everywhere in the computer.


Memory is one of hardware parts which makes the stored information quickly accessible by the processor. That important and emergency RAM is commonly known as the main memory in a computer. RAM allows users to access data that is stored for a short period of time.

RAM memory is volatile and is not saved when the computer is turned off and the storage usually refers to secondary memory where data is stored on a computer. In addition to storing data, hard drives and SSDs do not lose their information when the power is cut off, and they are long-term and secondary computer memories.

Memory is divided into two primary and secondary types and includes:

Primary memory
Cache memory
Dynamic RAM
Statistic RAM
Solid state drive (SSD)
Secondary memory
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Optical Disk Drive (ODD)

Each of which has its own application and RAM. In addition to storing and recording information, the efficiency of memory in the computer is also different for each software.
For example, the power of RAM and bits of RAM are important for using graphic software on a computer.



The memory plays an important role in the computers by storing and making the data accessible simply by one click.


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