What should you consider before buying a laptop?

What should you consider before buying a laptop

What should you consider before buying a laptop?

Before buying a laptop, there are a lot of things to consider. From the type of functionality you’d expect, to the operating system that could actually be your functional ecosystem, as well as the internal parts of the device, all of these things you need to know before you buy a laptop.



Are you a gamer? Or a journalist whose entire day job is writing and surfing? Or maybe a student who has online classes and wants to do academic research anywhere on the laptop? Well, the type of functionality you expect from your laptop is the most important decision you should consider first. Laptops have their own hardware and specifications based on their usage, which we have listed for you:


The operating system (OS) is a software environment that helps various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers run programs and software. Laptops today run three major operating systems: macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. Depending on the functionality you have، using these platforms will have a direct impact on your day-to-day performance.



Simply put, a processor is what provides the power needed to perform various functions and tasks on a computer. The more powerful the processor, the faster the computer speeds. Your goal in buying a laptop is to specify the type of processor as well. The lighter and more normal you have, the simpler and more obviously cheaper processor you can consider. However, if you’re looking to play heavy gaming, editing, and complex functions in general, consider higher-end models of processors that drive up the price of laptops.



RAM (short for Random-Access Memory) stores all the information a computer needs to run each part smoothly. Simply put, if you’re running multiple programs at the same time, you’ll need more RAM for them. A laptop with the right amount of RAM and storage space will last at least five years. Usually, people looking to play video games, graphic design or editing will go for a high volume of RAM, but if your laptop is just a light day-to-day operation, choosing options with lower RAM memory can reduce the cost of the laptop.


Storage memory

Storage memory or ROM refers to the amount of space available on a laptop to install software, files, and other information available. It should be noted that a portion of the storage is allocated to the operating system, and therefore the amount of memory available to you is less than what is advertised for that device. Today, most laptops have switched to faster SSDs and there is less HDDs on the market, however, some laptops use both options in a “hybrid” fashion, which is more visible on economy laptops.



The GPU extracts many visual and multimedia functions and functions such as image and video viewing from the CPU and prepares for display. Graphics is a dedicated processor to only work on improving the visual aspect of the device. This is not the case with the main processor.


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